Some of us live for the weekend, but that is not healthy. God blessed us with seven amazing days of the week not two or three.  Change your mindset about your job and going in to work each day, it will have a profound impact on your Saturday. I’m not suggesting the problems you see or frustration you experience are not important or valid. I’m suggesting a new outlook on work and how work fits into your overall life. It will be pivotal in enjoying your off day. Let’s start today. Instead of thinking about how quickly Saturday or any day off of work flies by decide to enjoy the time away from work and focus on doing at least one activity today designed to help you totally relax. Doing this over time will help you enjoy a stress free Saturday. Extended periods of stress contribute to weight gain, help slow down and stop the release of weight loss inhibiting hormones in your body. Make up your mind to enjoy Stress Free Saturdays.