Barnes and Noble NOOK eBook Reader (WiFi only) [ Black & White ]

(In the event the winner does not want the 1st generation nook an ad supported Kindle will be sent instead)

There are three ways to to win. Post a review of one of my books in two places. Those two  places can be on Amazon or, on your blog and Amazon or, Your Facebook Page or click the contact button with a link to your blog and or the review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Purchase any one of my books in print version (including the poetry book). There are at least two more books being released before the contest deadline. Wednesday November 23rd (day before Thanksgiving).

If you order it in a bookstore (you will most likely NOT find it on a shelf) take a picture on your mobile phone or scan the receipt and email it to activistauthor @ gmail dot com. If you buy it online forward a copy of the purchase receipt to activistauthor @ gmail dot com with the subject head Nook4aBook and you’ll be entered into the contest for the nook pictured above or the ad supported kindle. A copy of all of my ebooks will be preloaded onto the machine.

If you already own all of my books you can receive extra entries by:
Becoming a Google friend on this blog and remaining a friend for the duration of the contest.
Following me on twitter and mentioning my name and hashtag #nook4abook and remain a follower for the duration of the contest.
Clicking the contact button and subscribing to my newsletter
Retweet special tweets I post with the hashtag #nook4abook (I have ways to track the retweets 🙂
Like my Page on Facebook and leave a comment with #nook4abook in the comment on the main wall.
Post a trailer for one of my books on your blog, website or facebook page you receive an entry for each trailer you post.

You determine the number of entries you’ll receive.
If you follow me on twitter, like my FB page and posted the trailers for my books on your FB profile that is five entries. If you also posted the book trailers on your blog that would be a total of eight entries. This is not including the special #nook4abook tweets. Possibilities are endless!

The winner of the nook will be announced on December 1st, 2011 World AIDS Day and two year anniversary for the release of It’s in My Blood.