The topic of discussion has come up around me more than once.
At churches, on jobs, doing ministry, hanging out with my friends. 
Opinions run from one extreme to the other.
But that is all they are…OPINIONS.
You may or may not know. 
I’ve “crossed over” into romance novel writing. 
The stories are very steamy. 
I’ve had the idea for the series for over two years. 
Like all of my other books. 
These stories are GOD inspired. 
You’ll see the couples do more than just kiss. 
You’ll see them enjoy the intimacy GOD purposed inside of the sanctity of marriage. 
Passion Howze, is my romance “author ego” 
She loves the Lord as much as I do
Almost every Christian friend I have who loves to read
Read Fifty Shades of Gray…or at least heard of it
You know this book…
A lot of my friends heard about it, read it and LOVED it 
Some called it a creation of Satan and perversion
I don’t know…I  haven’t read it.
Most of these friends were married.
All of these friends are believers and asked me
Shawneda, why don’t you write romance?
My romance books have a pen name for one reason
Some of my women’s fiction readers, may not like romance
I’m not hiding that I write it
Pen names for multiple genres is common in publishing 
Am I writing the next 50 Shades of Gray…no
E.L. James is E.L. James
My romance author name is Passion Howze
I’ll be writing about romance inside the confines of marriage
Many of my ideas are inspired by one of the greatest books
written about sex and intimacy of all time.
You may have heard of it 
You find it in any bible
I write the stories the way they come to me
The way I visualize them
Just like I do all of my books
The wholeness series
Diamond Butterfly Angel speculative fiction
The only books I’ve written, that I don’t see are my devotionals.
I don’t see my devotionals, I live them.
For any readers concerned about my new genre
Know and remember this
I love the Lord
That will never change
My heart is to know, discover and share him in every way
All of my books are God inspired, even the romance
How could my romance novels not be God inspired 

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