Drove back to my alma mater and dropped off clothes for an event I read about on Facebook yesterday. If I’d known about it earlier I would have attended, hopefully I can next time. A beautiful young lady~my Spelman sister~ greeted me at her dorm and accepted the three bags of clothes for young ladies coming out of the sex slave trade who have children. Ever since discovering this hidden atrocity in our fair country I’ve known it is an area that God wants a plausible, response and consistent action from me. Do I think everyone should get involved? Yes. Do I think everyone will? No, because it isn’t a passion for them like it is for me. My prayer is that if bringing awareness to and ending the sex slave trade in Atlanta is not your passion you will pray, look around, observe yourself. Take note of what get’s you riled up and then do more than talk or complain about it. DO SOMETHING! Recognize the purpose God gave you disdain for something that breaks His heart (hint hint this is normally not something materialistic) and declare like my Spelman sisters did: NOT IN MY BACKYARD!!!