Dr. James Levine’s vertical workstation aka treadmill desk based on N.E.A.T. this stands for NonExercise Activity Thermogenesis. This doesn’t replace doing concentrated aerobic/cardiovascular, strength training or flexibility activity it keeps you from being the fatal s word when you’re not exercising ~ SEDENTARY.  Here is an article that talks about the research initially and how inactivity enables obesity. For the last fifteen years I have followed numerous diets all claiming to work (which they do) and improve life with promised weight loss:
Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet
Blood Types, Body Types and You
Weight Watchers
To name a few (ahem.)
(In another special praise post I’ll share the free way I am learning to live and eat healthy in a way I can maintain for the rest of my life without drinking nothing but creatine, protein and whey.)

Between months and a few years of weight loss and healthy weight range management my weight fluctuated at least ten to twenty pounds at a time. I don’t consider myself having failed because I have ballooned to over 275 lbs because now I know what doesn’t work. Reaching and passing the age of thirty I had to work a little harder and finding myself sitting down in front of a desk (my own or an employers) more than eight hours a day I found the weight left slower and slower and now not at all. So I prayed, God I don’t want to continue to live extreme. When my diet was super restricted to prompt extreme weight loss quickly I felt like I was being punished for using food to help me cope with the hardships of my childhood. It didn’t occur to me my coping mechanism would later be a tool my enemy would attempt to use to take me out.

Well I prayed, prayed and prayed. Doing extreme diets, exhaustive workout plans may be a lifestyle that others embrace and believe is the way for them to be healthy. I’m not going to be one of those people. There is a way for me to live a balanced life where I eat sensibly. Not with cheating and treating myself, but by building on the balanced meal and moderation eating habits I learned when I did the one program I prayed about before joining, Weight Watchers. The change in the economy led me to Sparkpeople which doesn’t use the same training/tracking system as weight watchers but it is comparable and free and Fitness Pal which utilizes what I prefer food diaries (I’m a writer, if it sounds like writing I’m biased.)

Doing a one to two hour exercise program daily that abuses my body that may have been used to sitting appealed to me once but it just doesn’t work anymore. Working out for that time then going to sit on my butt would garner me results for four weeks at the most. With adjusting caloric intake maybe six weeks then it would stop.

One of the Sparkspeople articles talked about the impact of sitting more than 6 hours a day (I do twice that most days. Cause after writing books, there is blogging, reading, reviewing, social media, and more). So after much prayer I researched this and looked back on the times in my life I maintained a weight below 200 lbs for more than a year. I moved more, I didn’t sit a lot, at work or outside of my job as a customer service executive.

Well I started serious research in March and praying then believing God would provide all my needs in a treadmill then and am so excited to say. It’s here. What is really funny is I was about reduce my hours working on my projects and take on a virtual assistant project to save up for a treadmill that could handle my weight. BUT GOD! Last Sunday God told me to do what He told me to do and not to worry about the treadmill because He was taking care of it, and one week later I’m typing this message on my treadmill.

I have a commercial grade five star rated treadmill that has not seen much if any use by previous owners I found on Craigslist for $200. I know…I asked without a doubt for God to do what He told me HE wanted to do for me. Then he did it.