Learning so much sowing seeds of obedience this summer. Looking forward to confirmation of prophetic words spoken over me  as I obey the instructions from the June 4th Watch.  Have you been working on obeying God’s instructions without hesitation? It takes some getting used to but once you begin to make it a lifestyle,  peace becomes a part of you. The peace the bible talks about because … it is hard to explain or understand.

My posture when worshiping in gratefulness

A long time ago I used to find the bright side in everything. My husband pointed it out one day when he told me something negative that happened and I pointed out how God could be using it. Somewhere along the line I lost that part of me. I became a whiner and complainer. It bothered me, because I couldn’t explain how it started so I had a problem knowing how to make it end. Instead of wasting time trying to figure it God gave me another bag of seeds. Sowing gratefulness has reopened up my worship. Instead of lifting my hands up to God I find myself opening my arms wide in appreciation of His presence, love and provision in my life. It is one of the greatest things that has come of this summer of sowing thus far. Finding my way back to me and away from murmuring and complaining.

A byproduct of sowing gratefulness with my seeds of obedience is support. Seeing the positive things in my life frees me up to support others God has placed in my life. It isn’t to my detriment or because I want something in return. God is even as I sow obedience and gratefulness restoring my ability to give to others from an overflow instead of to my detriment. It is an amazing experience.  It is worthy of it’s own post. I’ll “talk” more with you about it later.