We all have to choose how to respond to the disappointments of life. 
We all have to come to a place where we’re at peace with imperfection.
We all have to decide who we’re going to be as we grow.
Every person on this planet has to decide how to respond to life. 
Life has been, is and will be many things… 
but easy is not one of them.
How you decide to respond to life
determines who you become. 
For each and every person on Earth
we have to decide how far to go,
when to forge on and when to find a new way.
We decide whether we despise every moment of the journey
or learn to appreciate the flowers in the valley. 
We all have a purpose.
God has given each and every one of us
the ability to acquire wisdom.
He has invited each of us to 
give our lives back to Him
and trust Him to lead us.
None of us will leave this Earth without experiencing
ups and downs…. joys and pains. 
We are responsible for how we respond to 
the things in life outside of our control. 
Giving people access to our lives
gives them the opportunity to respond to what is happening with us. 
People have and will continue to form opinions. 
We don’t have to respond to, internalize 
or acknowledge those opinions just because they exist. 
My life has been less than easy. 
The beginning was quite difficult
and the last few years haven’t been easy or much fun.
But I’ve come to a resolve that love will not be taken from me
No matter what.
I love God. 
Nothing in life that happens will ever change that for me.
My journey with Him and how I serve Him
isn’t up for debate nor do I care if people 
approve… He died to have a relationship with me.
I love Shawneda. 
Not who I’m becoming…
not who I used to be.
The person I am right at this moment.
With all of my imperfections…with all of my gifts.
Nothing will change this… 
I love people. 
My life’s work going forward
will always come from a place of love.
I will not get close to many. 
As an introvert, I prefer not to be around a lot of them at one time. 
But I love them…
I respect their right to breathe and make their own decisions.
Even if they don’t feel the same way toward me. 
We can’t control what happens in life.
We can’t control every encounter on Earth.
We can control who comes into our personal lives.
We can control how close we allow them to get to our hearts.
We can’t control who we invite who decides not to stay.
We can control how we respond.
We can control how we allow it to shape us.
We control if we love who we become as a result of life.
Since I’ve internalized and embraced
This truth… 
 This strength…
        This knowledge…
This power…
My life and the impact of people’s actions
toward me has not and will never be the same.
Do you love who you have become as a result of your life?
Not just the good things… the bad things too.
Do you like how you feel about yourself?
Do you want to continue to live the way you do?
If not… what are you waiting for… it won’t be easy
but only you can decide to change.   

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