So I turn on my television Wednesday morning at 9:30AM EST and my husband has left it on TBN. There is a mainstream megapastor on the television visibly angry. He is not teaching about the love of God not being shared by believers. His anger is not due to the moral decline in our families or the loss of some other spiritually sound virtue in the Body of Christ. This licensed and ordained carrier of the gospel calls everyone on welfare deadbeats to the applause and pleasure of his congregation. He then states that nearly half of the American people don’t pay taxes. This man states that 47%  of America is on welfare and that 47% of Americans stated they would support socialism in America. He claims this 47% is the same 47% who do not pay taxes and are deadbeats. I’m shocked and saddened at the thought someone who didn’t know Christ could turn and see this. After I prayed for myself to calm down and then him and his congregation I did some digging and I find a little more information about the misused statistic.

Included in this 47% are people who have taxes taken out of their salaries and because of their socioeconomic status (middle class, lower middle class and lower class individuals) receive the money taken out of their paychecks back when they file taxes. That sounds like they are paying taxes to me! This minister and many of his peers enjoyed decades of not paying property taxes and getting tax deductions on everything they buy for their homes because they are licensed ministers. This man is among the top four percent of those who make more than $250,000 which means like Warren Buffett he can afford to pay someone to find loopholes to keep from paying his full share of taxes. He pays less than the 17% paid by Warren Buffett because he is a licensed minister and exempt from income tax and Social Security and don’t forget his potential break on property tax now clarified courtesy of Rick Warren. So is he part of the 47% not paying income taxes?

I have stated on twitter I will express my political decisions at the polls and through my prayers. That has not changed. I’m not quite sure who I’m voting for in 2012. I’m not impressed with any of the candidates including the one currently in office, although I do still pray for God to work through President Obama in accordance to scripture (Romans 13). I can tell you, I’m totally turned off by the self proclaimed Christian party aka Republicans. I don’t understand people who are pro-life when it comes to abortion but pro death when it comes to medical coverage. Their is not a lot of love being shown in the way they are running campaigns, smearing their opponents and using propaganda. Not to say that Democrats don’t do that, but they AREN’T running around claiming to be the party for Christ. I’m just glad I’m not an active member of either. Over my voting life I’ve belonged to both, and know I’m in the right place now. I’m an independent, voting for candidates across party lines based on the issues and the candidates voting record if available.