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Way BACK Wednesday REPOST Worth It Wednesdays: Do You Know Your Worth

Originally shared May 8, 2013


The last few years I've been reacquainted with living my worth. 
I've known my worth for over a decade.
I chose to accept less than my worth. 
Since February 2010 I stopped accepting and living beneath my worth
Neglecting myself and placing others ahead of me almost cost my life
Then God reminded me:

I stopped attempting to "help" others see my worth.
I stopped accepting mistreatment and neglect.
I stopped apologizing for who God created me to be. 
I started training those willing to learn how to treat me.
I made peace with walking away when necessary.
When old habits of accepting less than my worth tried to resurface
I'd hear a still small voice say two things to keep me on track.

The next time you are about to accept something beneath 
what God says your worth...listen for the still small voice. 
God is not partial. 
He'll tell you the same.
Should you accept less than your standard?
No, you're worth it.
KNOW you're worth it. 

Celebrate your worth!

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