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Something WONDERFUL This Way Comes

Remember how much God loves you and how far you've come since the first time you acknowledged and received His love. No matter what you're going through, never forget He will always be there for you. He loves you. Stay encouraged and when you're able as much as you can continue to share His love. 

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Time for the Difficult Conversation America Needs to have to Begin

Words don't really exist to express how I feel about what I read happened yesterday in Chicago that was broadcast on Facebook Live. Simmering beneath the amber waves of grey, pooling together at the foot of the purple mounted majesties above the fruited plains where God shed His grace the spirit of dissension fueled by centuries of ignorance, a list of ridiculous 'isms' and hate has taken root, festered and with every generation in a new different way opens as a vile ugly thing for all with eyes willing to see a new hatred blooms. 

Way Back Wednesday RePost Worship Minded Wednesday

Walk into my house any random day and you'll know several things instantly. Someone in the house is very health conscious or trying to lose weight (yes, that would be me). This is obvious because of the huge treadmill outfitted for me to do work on the computer while I walk next to the over sized chair. There is at least one child in the house due to the toddler height easel and the bobble headed Elmo toy next to it and the Candy Land game. Listen for a few moments and whether I realize it or not before the end of a sixty minute time frame I'll have made something silly into a soulful ditty.

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