There are four “spiritual tenets” or areas of focus for most faiths
during Lenten season. 
There is fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline. 
Last year this is what I did for Lent.
This year I’m excited to go 
A different direction.
To take my relationship with God to a new dimension 
As a result of my Lenten experience in 2013.
This year instead of giving up FaceBook…
I’ve decided to “consecrate” from something
much more detrimental. 
God taught me how to forgive. 
So I choose forgiveness.
Not just  for others. 
I choose to forgive myself, as well. 
Which also empowers me to prevent any 
I refuse to walk in unforgiveness
Which results in my “giving up”
Resentment & Bitterness
Divorce will not turn me into someone
God did not create me to be
I trust Him
God and I are at peace with, my divorce
This season of Lent
I’m “giving up” the need, desire to waste energy or time
being unforgiving toward anyone regarding this divorce.
What happened in the past.
Is where it belongs.
Behind me. 
I’m in my EX W.I.T. Season
Ex-Wife In Training
Repentance will be from a new habit, I wish to end
Delayed Obedience. 
No need to say when it started but here is where it ends.
God’s never failed. 
I must learn to trust Him, quicker, again. 
In order to do that, I have to confess.
Sometimes I don’t obey when He tells me what to do
That is delayed obedience. 
After Lenten season, this will be a former habit.
Coming off of Facebook completely. 
In all honesty, for me, not so hard. 
Controlling how much I’m on it when I’m BORED…not so easy. 
It is part of my “platform” and modern day life. 
But I must control how much time I give it and all social media.
I don’t want to reduce time on Facebook then replace it with
YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr…(you get the point)
This Lenten season, I must practice moderation in this area. 
A necessity to do any of these things for 39 days (and beyond).
The Holy Spirit will be here with me.
One of the awesome things about observing Lent
I feel connected to the entire Body of Believers
People who observe this holy season 
Span denominations, age, gender, culture, geography
These types of seasons unify the Body of Christ
That requires discipline as well. 
Praying for the Body as a whole and taking care of my body
Those are the “specific” things I’ll commit to a greater discipline in 
for the next 39 days. 
What are you doing for LENT this year? 
Not too late to start. 
Join me and tell me below. 
Or click the email icon above and let me know.
Every year I grow closer to God by observing Lent. 
Join me and see for yourself. 
You’ll be glad you did. 

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