I read a post on Facebook about Iyanla Vanzant and Oprah Winfrey sitting down to hash out the differences that led Vanzant away from Harpo Studios. Honestly, I didn’t know they were feuding because I’m not a Vanzant fan, and I only watch Oprah occasionally. Not because I dislike her but because, that is the way it is, and since I don’t have cable television anymore and the one television I own is a fat booty non digital tuner set I really don’t watch it now (because I can’t).

Just from reading the post on Oprah.com there are several lessons here and I hope people see them.

  1. Oprah supports and helps those she believes in regardless of race. From Dr. Phil to Tyler Perry, she is genuine in who she helps. From Carol’s Daughter to My Intimacy it is NOT about color it is about quality. Everyone who has said Oprah doesn’t help enough black people over the years clearly forgot about how much Vanzant was on Oprah’s show. Oprah was grooming Vanzant to have her own show, but it didn’t happen by Vanzant’s choice. 
  2. Regardless of what you believe about Oprah’s spiritual practices, those who do her wrong (intentionally or unintentionally) don’t have any power over her because she has learned to practice forgiveness.  If nothing else I truly believe Oprah is a very forgiving person. She is honest in her anger, and quick to release it, forgive and move on. When this happens she frees herself from the possibility of becoming bitter and move forward in her purpose. I know this because I do it too (I learned it from reading the bible and God revealing what happens to people who don’t in the bible, television, movies, and my life.)
  3. When you are pursuing your purpose you don’t have time to hold grudges. As much as I love Tyler Perry I do not agree that the best revenge to have on someone who hurt, slandered or abused you is to succeed. I believe that vengeance is best left to God and my choice is forgiveness, it frees me to use the energy anger requires for use in important areas of my life like, living on purpose. 
  4. I do believe it was God’s will for Iyanla Vanzant to leave Harpo. She was not in a healthy place to have an audience for her message (whatever it was then, I had to read one of her books while I was at Spelman and I couldn’t get with it) because she was still learning to live what she believed (per her own words on the show from the recap).Her rejection of the support that Harpo attempted to give her shielded and protected millions of people from someone not ready at the time Barbara Walter’s company launched her show. I have way too many other books by authors who have professed Christ to try to read her newest book now. I’m sure it’ll reach NY Times since she was on Oprah, so my not reading it won’t matter.

I realize I may get bashed or backlash from the super spiritual people who claim Oprah is into new age, conformism, et cetera but I don’t care. That is between her and God. I respect what she has accomplished. I also respect her ability to forgive, (and regardless of whoever other people believe she worships,) I believe that is a gift from the Most High God, she has chosen to receive.  If we all prayed for those we complained about (a practice I’m growing in each day) and took the energy we use to criticize others to allow God to work on us (I’ve gotten much better at this), how much better off would the Body of Christ be? Just saying.