I hesitated when I sent the email reply to review Health Care You Can Live With: Discover Wholeness in Body and Spirit because I really didn’t know what to expect. My hope and desire was that it would not be a Republican rant and rave about why Obama and the healthcare reform were wrong or evil but it wasn’t. To my surprise I found a book that expressed very eloquently a call to the Body of Christ to reclaim our responsibility in teaching wellness as a lifestyle and ministering healing to those in need. If I could hug Dr. Scott Morris I would. While I believe healthcare reform in this country is still in need I do believe that the ultimate answer to many of the countries problems is to allow the government to get back to it’s original job of defending the country and the Body of Christ to reclaiming it’s position as providers of quality, loving healthcare, education and social services (caring for the widows, orphans and poor is scriptural). I hope everyone who can afford it gets a copy of this book Health Care You Can Live With: Discover Wholeness in Body and Spirit and those who can’t convince your library to order one so you and others are able to read it as well.
Cyber hug to you Dr. Scott Morris for a well written and well timed offering on health care many would benefit from!