The habit of giving yourself reasons why you can’t have to be STOPPED! Once you stop making excuses for yourself you’ll find it hard to spend extended amounts of time around people who still make excuses a part of their daily habits. You can love someone and want them to join you in your endeavor to eliminate excuses, they have to choose to join you on your excursion. 
These are some of the things I have accepted about people from my past during my time off of FB during LENT. 
If you aren’t walking in the same direction as someone you love, you will one day walk away from each other. Even if you still love them. 
You can’t love someone more than GOD. When GOD tells you to let HIM take care of things for them, let HIM handle it. 
Not only is this fifty days about not making any more excuses it is also about not listening to them anymore. 

Expect GOD to give you the power to be who HE wants you to be now. Love HIM and YOURSELF enough to change relationships with people who want you to remain the person who died when you became a new creation in Christ.