Mercies and benefits are new each morning. This morning is a new day filled with the opportunity to change where you are five years from now to where you want to be. Dave Ramsey states in his book  The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness if you’re not happy withe where you are career wise set a goal for where you want to be and find how to do it. In most cases it can be done in five years. This is not only true in the financial world but every area of life, including health.

My fitness goal is to restore my health, one inch at a time. In lieu of the newest fad diet and without paying at least four hundred dollars a year in participation fees God can empower anyone to lose more than one hundred pounds and keep it off, and I know . An amazing foundation of scripture, prayer, and transforming the mind one emotion at a time will contribute to taking my waist from the stretched beyond heart health to below 35 inches to get out of the danger zone my goal is 32 inches. I don’t look malnourished and am happy in my clothes and ability to move at this size.

This is not going to happen over night, and once it does I have new goals and milestones to celebrate to encourage, me to maintain a healthy waist circumference. Friends who have been battling their weight for at least five years tell me and I agree losing the weight is easy but keeping it off is not. Instead of a speedy reduction I’m planning on a steady BALANCED gradual lifestyle change. I’ll replace one bad habit with a new good one each month in my eating and use my workout DVDs the entire time. I may lose slower than I have in the past or not, but instead of just focusing on the speed of weight loss, I’m focusing on a healthy lifestyle that will keep me at a healthy weight for life.