The nation has been in an uproar ever since the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman became national news. We have several schools of thought.

Some Republicans, bigots, gun rights activists, and others believe Zimmerman acted in self-defense and believe Martin tragically received what he deserved.

Some Democrats, liberals, bigots, gun abolitionists, and other people believe Zimmerman is an indulged privileged Jewish man who has gotten away with murder in a state known for favoring “fairer-skinned” and Republicans even to the point of cheating in an election.

I’m part of a third school of thought. My thoughts and more important my prayers are with Trayvon Martin’s family AND George Zimmerman and his family.

My heart breaks with the state of fury, anger, accusation, racial slandering, and posturing (on both sides), denial and rage our country has entered surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin.

During this time I believe in addition to all of the social, political, celebrity, and community activism we should follow in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and add spiritual action to what we do. Please join me every day now until the case is resolved to pray.

The phone calls surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin came between 7:11PM and 7:17PM. Let’s add our prayers to the activities of social, political, and celebrity activism at this time twice a day.

 Millions of us have our eyes, ears, minds, and hearts tuned in to what has happened in Florida. I believe there are several points all schools of thought would like to see resolved. I invite ALL (every school of thought) praying believers, disciples, ministers, and followers of Christ come together and pray during the 7 minutes that changed the lives of these two individuals and our nation.

AM or PM 7:11 Pray for God to protect both families hearts and give them peace when the truth comes out
AM or PM 7:12 Pray for God to comfort Trayvon’s family as they have lost a loved one
AM or PM 7:13 Pray for Zimmerman not to be killed by himself or someone else
AM or PM 7:14 Pray for the truth to be revealed on the local, state and federal government levels
AM or PM 7:15 Pray against unforgiveness, bitterness, retaliation, prejudice and rage in both families and the watching nation
AM or PM 7:16 Pray for HONEST, TRUE witnesses to come forth that have been afraid up to now because of the volatility of the case and national attention
AM or PM 7:17 Pray for healing and closure for the families and acceptance of the truth when it comes out

Whether you are of the self-defense school of thought or Trayvon was murdered school of thought there are several points of prayer we can all agree on regarding this case, getting to the truth.  Neither Trayvon Martin nor George Zimmerman nor anyone involved else, in this case, is perfect or has a perfect past.

Nothing saves the minutes before the trigger was pulled and the time that has passed since this shooting occurred is important when it comes to whether or not a crime was committed. Not Zimmerman’s college diploma or Martin’s school suspensions.

The bible states vengeance and judgment belong to God. Instead of cutting each other down on internet boards and hiding behind agendas across the board let those of us who are willing and able unite in prayer as the bible calls for us to love mercy, do justice, and walk humbly before the Lord.

Thanks for reading and praying,