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Check out Season Two of by Shawneda and enjoy listening to book six from the Wholeness series, Weighing My Options. 

Season One of Written and Read by ShawnedaIn the first season hear book one of the NATURAL SISTAHS series. My Crowning Glory follows the hairnanigans of Anisa Links and her circle of friends. Listen along as they share their big dreams and friendship adventures.

 Listen to special mini series of Written and Read by Shawneda

Enjoy a special 8-week mini-series "Real FirstWives of Metropolis" introducing the ladies of Making Moves in Metropolis.  Book one in the new GIG PowHer series. 

Last year we discussed lots of topics, gripes, and ideologies about business and church that veered away from why GIG PowHer exists. The entire purpose of This Week with GIG PowHer is to provide audio and visual resources that lead to building and growing together online.

Tune in to this new season of GIG PowHer to get things done. You can watch and or listen to learn more about upcoming online events, guest speakers, and how you can use technology without being overwhelmed to achieve everything on your to-do list with God Inspired Girl Power.   
Currently in Pre-Production

Sharing the wisdom found on my journey from aged out of the system ward of the court to spiritually strong, emotionally whole, physically healthy, and mentally sound adult. Success After Foster is for current and former foster youth determined to live a full life in spite of a rocky start. Forget the statistics and remember that the only person who determines your future is YOU.

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