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GiG PowHer

The learning community where we connect online to achieve our goals with God-inspired #girlpower.

OUR ManifestHER

We define our own beauty and femininity. In all sizes. In every hue.
We celebrate each other’s God-given uniqueness, creativity, strength, beauty, and power every time we say “Hey girl!” or “That’s my girl!” or “Girl!”

From ballet slippers to steel toe boots, from boardrooms to carpool lanes, we are unapologetic in our uniqueness. 

We love creating and producing results. From smartphone apps to pound cakes, department budgets to hand lettering, the strength of our ingenuity changes history in the future. 

​Just like the characters in the GIG PowHer series, with respect for each other's differences, we’re united by embracing who God created us to be and inspired to achieve by Him. We are relentless in lovingly impacting our homes, neighborhoods, industries, and the world one goal, one achievement, one lesson, one course, one solution, and one event at a time. 

­čĺ╗One-Day Online Learning Programs

­čĺ╗Online Conferences, Summits, Symposiums, and UnConferences

­čĺ╗Online Brand with GiG PowHer workshops.

​­čĺ╗Online Write with GiG PowHer workshops

 ­čĺ╗Organizing, hosting, and producing interactive online learning events.

✍­čĆżAttributed contributions to digital publications.

✍­čĆżAttributed contributions to print publications

­čÄĄOpportunity to be featured on GiG PowHer podcast.
Want to connect without attending an event?

­čôŁAccess skills and development resources on the Blog

​­čĺ╗ Free Branding Course

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​ ­čÄž 'This Week GiG PowHer Podcast' 

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