This one is really simple and God showed it to me as I was presented 
with more choices and options than my time allowed.  

There is a difference in FREEDOM and recklessness. 
Just because I can do whatever I want, doesn’t mean I should do whatever I want. 
Even if what I’m presented with is a good opportunity, it doesn’t mean it is a God opportunity.
Yes, really.
The Holy Spirit led me and guided me into all truth. 
Once God reveal His purpose for my life, He gave me the power 
through His Holy Spirit living in me to make the decisions 
that are in alignment with His will and destiny for me. 
That is what I said. 
Once I realized my purpose it empowered me to 
take God and myself out of the boxes people (including myself) 
placed us in and get in the lane that will deliver me to my
God ordained destinations. 
Getting out of the box doesn’t mean being all over the place. 
Staying in God’s will is about obedience.
Being obedient to His word includes those
He places to mentor, grow and challenge me in my walk with Him. 
This year I received a new understanding of how to live with
God outside of the box while enjoying the freedom of staying in my lane. 

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