In the second year of marriage I learned a lesson I believe is misunderstood and absolutely imperative to living out the life as one God desired. In twelve months God showed me the amazing and awesome strength and difference between submission and agreement. Being married to a man who did not believe the status quo enable that.

In my preparation for married life I studied the bible to find what would be expected of me. Submission seemed like a good idea the way it was preached…the man is liable for everything and all I have to do is “obey.” In retrospect and as a reflection of our present life it may be a good idea but…nothing is more powerful than agreement. Jesus said it, my hubby reminded me…and I agree.

Submission is productive but unity, agreement, true onemindedness between two people can bring freedom and life (Martin Luther & Coretta Scott King, Barack & Michelle Obama) or the death of many (The DC Snipers). Invite, welcome and persist in agreeing as two individuals and one couple with what God says about you and you will be unstoppable (see examples above). That is what I learned through trial and error in my second year of marriage. I’m glad God utilized my husband to show this to me.