In the sixth year of our marriage truth met reality and tough decisions had to be made. The well wishers and external gawkers faded away. In year six of our marriage I learned it may take a village but it can be done with a household. What has ended many marriages God used as a catalyst to solidify our commitment to each other and the covenant we made to Him. I found myself falling more in love with Jesus and appreciating the strength, uniqueness and faith God blessed me with in my husband.

I have come to better understand the look of love mixed with history I see shared between couples who weather life’s storms (invited or unexpected, with umbrella and without) in the last eighteen months of fighting to preserve my union despite our circumstances. My marriage to God taught me how much He loves me, my marriage to my husband shows me how much I’ve grown in sharing God’s love in me. In my sixth year of marriage I’ve realized when both people or at least one gives up you have no marriage, that it only takes one person to have a good marriage, it takes two people to have a great marriage, to have an exceptional marriage you have to invite the trinity in to make three.