I am so thankful to God for the last seven almost eight years of my life with my husband and the almost seven years of marriage. Not because we have some steamy, hot ultra romantic hormone driven relationship like the ones you read about in erotic novels or watch on movies and television but because I’m drawn closer to God and offered an opportunity to mature in my relationship with the Lord each day.

The major nugget I learned in the first year I was married is you can’t take everyone’s advice on marriage. Single people, unhappily eternally married people, marriage experts, newlyweds and everyone in between wanted to tell me what to do, how to do and why to do all kinds of things. They told me good things, bad things and some downright nastay things for me to keep my husband and most of it was NOT based on the word of God, which is my first check point and final authority on everything.

My best marital advice came from my hubby. Our relationship reminds me of the Prince song “Girlfriend”. I run to him when someone hurts me, even if the somebody is him. I let him dress me, he has picked out my clothes when we went out. He knows I’m not helpless but sometimes, those are the things being in loves about. I love you sweetie, and God for bringing us together.