This post will be short and sweet. Yes, I’m capable of that. I love my life. Why? Because I am inside of God’s will. My marriage is still intact and in more moments of the day and days of the week than not, I like my husband (my love doesn’t stop). My daughter is flourishing in spite of my imperfections and because of the love God is teaching me to show her consistently and authentically. During my time of sabbatical He showed me more of myself and more about this interesting season in my life. So because each day is chock full of new mercies and benefits and I ask Him to help me see and appreciate them, each day, I love my life.

How will that translate to this site? Well, it means I’ll do what I should have always done. I’ll be myself. Share who I am with those interested in reading what I post here and keep writing the stories God lays on my heart. My words flow when I’m writing what about my passions; wellness, awareness and empowering women. I’m simple, my blunt honesty makes people want to make me complicated. Embracing the blessings I have instead of chasing after temporal illusions is one of the things I’m enjoying about the new me. I’ll take my own advice and ask God to help me show you better than I can tell you. Stay tuned. You’ll see!