So it was much less pressure being natural before 2006ish
when unbeknownst to me
how you style your hair became a movement.
1998-2005 having my hair pressed was my go to in the winter
 and my curly bunny tail held it down in the summer.
You would only ever catch me with one of these two hairstyles
after the Aveda Elixir went to the hair memorial in the sky. 
No one knew how I cried …literally…in Aveda when
their leave in elixir was discontinued once
they were bought out by corporate conglomerate Estee Lauder,
 which also signaled the beginning of the end of my patronizing them.
That curly hair kit is NOT for my hair
or any of the other people who loved the elixir with me. 
This year as part of my God sponsored “Extreme Makeover” I started doing more than washing and pulling back the bushel of hair on my head. God sent me a transitional and replacement hair stylist for the one I lost whose move to Texas after moved me to tears. So now I have a stylist to color my stress and worry induced gray hairs as well as to straighten and trim the ends. She also keeps my eyebrows tight. (Think I’m due for a visit soon.) Do my own hair and go see someone for a trim.
(update Jan 2016)
Once I recovered from being hijacked every time I ventured into the natural hair aisle at Target I embraced the opportunity to explore my hair. Despite several false starts with bantu knot outs and braid outs that left me thinking 
Comfort playing with my hair settled in with the purchase of my Laila Ali soft bonnet dryer (not really stressing about heat damage or length.) I’m enjoying my hair for the first time in a longtime.  In addition to loving the bantu knot out  –especially when I remix it into my banana clip mohawk– I’m a fan of curlformers and go gaga for chunky twist outs. That doesn’t mean I won’t get it bone straight and rock what my friends call my “Pocahontas” look (I have documentation of my heritage so this is not rude.)
I’ll share some of my journey this year on so check it out in 2013. Yes I am feeling myself , just a bit, because I’m enjoying playing in my hair AND when I make the time to do it, it is super cayute! 
I like me a lot. The more important question is over the course of the last twelve months how much more do you like you? After these twelve months I love me very much. More than I did last year but not as much as I will this time next year. I’ve vowed to fall in love with God and his daughter (me) more and more each day. 
You should join me. Why? Because
Of course you do, you’re alive and your reading (I’m thankful it happens to be my blog)…it only gets better after this. 

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