As I sit in the living room of my teen and college year home with my foster parents, I think about the way I spent my youth. Not that I’m old and decrepit now but I’m stronger, wiser, better…I’m much better and I’m older. Instead of flying from bed to bed with meaningless boys (and a few men) who used me up, I should have been spending my time doing important things. Despite a lifestyle conducive to increasing my risk of being infected God was merciful and allowed me to stay infection free. I don’t think it is anything more than that. When I wrote this book I constantly thought of the shame my friend from church who died of full blown AIDS dealt with on a daily basis. That was the inspiration for telling a story about HIV/AIDS as an integral part of a novel.

Over the last six months as I’ve worked with Aniz Inc. helped to raise funds for them through online promotion and selling the book my heart has opened more and desire to raise awareness only increased. My desire is for everyone who cares about STOPPING the spread of HIV especially among African American women would buy the second updated edition and suggest it to a friend. A portion of the proceeds are donated to Balm in Gilead, Inc.

There is a kindle and green paperback edition. It can also be purchased at your local Barnes & Noble (my bookseller of choice.

It's in My Blood

Have a great National Testing Day and even if you don’t buy a book please get tested!