April 1st through May 19th is Pentecost.
Every year I take time to focus on cultivating and nourishing my relationship with 
the Holy Spirit. 
He is listed as many things.
 I love that He leads and guides us into all truth.  
This year I’m focusing on relearning the nature of the Holy Spirit and welcoming Him
to come into my life to help me be who GOD
created me to be and 
CHRIST died for me to be. 
Over the last few days He’s already taught me so many things. 
Looking forward to all of the other things He’ll teach me
over the next forty one days and beyond. 
I invite you to read these scriptures about the Holy Spirit. 
If you haven’t asked for the Holy Spirit to live in you. 
Ask Him…it is very simple. 
(Lord fill me with your Spirit in Jesus name.)
If you have, ask Him to help you know Him better.
John 14:16, 14:26
John 15:26
John 16:7
I’ll be focusing my personal meditations on Him during
April 1- May 19th