Originally published March 25, 2013
Transitioning from married to divorced doesn’t mean I  stopped being a wife. 
You can’t stop being who you are. 
I’m simply a single wife, who recovered from a failed marriage
who asked God to strengthen me to be better than I’d ever been. 
Being divorced didn’t end of my life,
it ended my marriage. 
Realizing that has helped me rely on God to 
heal my heart to move forward in life.
Realizing that has helped me keep my commitment
to give up unforgiveness, resentment and bitterness for Lent. 
My prayer is God help me give them up for life. 
Despite not being perfect in executing 
all of my well laid plans
 (did I mention I’m a planner and recovering perfectionist too?)
There has been a lot of progress made since January 2013.
In having so much to do as a 
full time student  employee
graduate student
 God has given me peace in 
taking small steps. 
Everything I’ve experienced in life up to this morning
has taught me what Arthur Ashe stated.
I’m thankful God has blessed me to learn this lesson. 
Grateful you’re here reading about it. 
Taking small steps has helped me:  
meet my personal health goals
be a better mother
launch  create a new line of romances author ego  
write books
complete and file legal paperwork
write blog posts
See time as an asset instead of a hindrance.
Find hope in the new life taking shape before me.
Enjoy the journey.
This last Monday Meditation  in March 
I’m thankful for grace to take the small steps toward my dreams. 
There are dreams I have, I’ve given to God because
I’ve acknowledged the things I can’t control,
 in those and all things I trust God to make the difference.