February is Heart health month. 
Before I lost one pound back in 2010
I asked God to give me a new heart. 
The previous one was tattered, torn, tired and abused. 
In September 2011 came the final blow and it was broken
The condition of my heart, the one that is part
of my soul influenced the health of my physical heart. 
Emotional eating landed me in a place that threatened my life. 
Being the “ride or die” chick was becoming more than a quote.
 I tried to blame God for my condition, but I couldn’t. 
His word didn’t change, how I responded, interpreted and 
who I allowed to break it down for me changed. 
I had a choice to make. 
Be honest with myself and blame Him
Confess my responsibility for my condition 
Trust Him
My natural instinct to run kicked in
He sent intercessors and friends to cover me
The entire situation forced me to remember
My commitments to God and not people
He told me to do something
I’d never done before
The more I embraced the truth
The more I faced the situations, circumstances and issues
The stronger I became
The stronger my mind became
The stronger my will to do right became
The healthier my physical heart and body became
Since I decided to continue to trust God with my heart
He reminded me of all the things He whispered into it
When I gave my life back to him in 2000
Some I forgot, others I wanted to forget
All based on the promises in His word. 
He said if I allowed myself to be vulnerable
When people hurt me, He’d heal me.
I’ve come to a place where I thank God
for allowing me to take this path. 
So many good things have come from the 
pain of living with a broken heart.
All things work for those called to God’s purpose,
it brought me closer to Him than I ever imagined. 
The pain of healing, at times, is greater 
than what hurt me. 
But I know it is worth it. 
As I continue to write God inspired girl power books, 
study to become a registered dietitian  marketer
continue to study and implement healthy living habits
It is all to guard my heart. 
Not just the physical one, but the other one too. 
Because for me, they are VERY connected. 
Maybe it is the same way for you
 if so…
Don’t close your heart,
Don’t harden your heart
Trust God to let you know who you can open it up to
Risk loving others because it is worth it 
but as you do…
Keep this in mind.

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