The weekend was amazing.
Made greet leeway on the book. 
Completed a major TO DO on the get it done list. 
 Last-minute trip out of town with one of my big sisters in Christ.
God used her to usher in an amazing moment
 of healing and freedom in Alabama capped it off Sunday. 
It would have only been more perfect if I could’ve been 
both in Dothan, AL and at FRESHSTART Church. 
The entire sermon was about Identity. 
Many of the words said were personal hugs from GOD to me.
All of the things happening have reminded me that we have choices. 
People have offered opinions, directives, false prophecies, and unsolicited advice. 
The only one responsible for what is done with the words I hear…
Regardless of the intentions, motives or reasons for 
speaking to me about what is happening in my life
the only person impacted by how I respond 
25/8 will be, Shawneda. 
Studying God’s word and continuing to observe 
my fast from unforgiveness, bitterness and repentance
for LENT put a lot of things into biblical perspective. 
I choose to make decisions to live the abundant life
Christ died for me to have on Earth. 
I choose to make decisions to live a life that aligns with 
God’s purpose for my life. 
Doing what is best for me means
Living based on who God says I am.
I choose LIFE!
Choosing life means I choose LOVE
I choose to love GOD because He is GOD
I choose to love myself, because God loves me
I choose to love my family, genetic and chosen
I choose to love my friends
I choose to love my enemies 
I choose to believe LOVE is still awesome and possible…one day.
I choose LOVE because LOVE chose me. 
Do you know your choices?
What will you choose? 

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