When your life becomes something you never expected
You have two choices
Both seem logical
One feels like caution and taking the safe or EASY route
The other feels risky and dangerous
Which one is required to please GOD?
Having a positive outlook about unexpected change isn’t easy
Doing what is EASY isn’t always BEST
Trusting GOD
Choosing to believe His plan for your life is good takes GUTS!
Leading a life worth LIVING takes GUTS!
Embracing the changes in life
takes FAITH.
FAITH is the substance of things HOPED for
the EVIDENCE of things not seen. 
God is pleased when we trust HIM 
God is moved when we believe HIM
In the midst of the
God CHANGES things
when we BELIEVE 
Sometimes He changes the situations
Sometimes He changes the circumstances
Sometimes He changes our environment
At all times He changes me and wants to change you.
Don’t be afraid of life’s changes
In the changes of life
God is looking for opportunities to change me and you.

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