God used my foster family to teach me this lesson. 
After two years estranged from them based on the writings of a misguided 
soul and my trying to please God with extreme measures the Holy Spirit 
led me to reach out to them. 
Rejection from people I gave my heart to was a recurring theme in my former life. 
So it took a lot of courage for me to reach out to them, but I trusted God, so I did. 
You know what they said?
My foster mom asked everyone she knew who believed in 
the Lord to pray He lead me home. 
Every resistance and fear in my mind evaporated on the phone. 
Tears streamed down my face. 
Up to this point I’d always been afraid to let people love and know me. 
Up to this point those I allowed all the way in found a way to break my heart.
With one telephone call and invitation to the family reunion in Tennessee
all was right in my world. 
Since the year God reunited me with my foster family
I’ve opened my heart to others, knowing the risk. 
People I expected to treat me one way, treated me another. 
My hearts been broken by people who promised to protect it.
The one thing I’ve remembered and clung to is the Lord. 
During worship one day in 1999, I told God I would serve Him 
and His people if
 He promised me no one would ever hurt me again. 
The Holy Spirit whispered into my heart these words. 
“No, I won’t promise you won’t be hurt by people again. 
When they hurt you, I will heal you.”
In that moment I chose to trust God and surrender.
Many times since that day, my heart has been broken. 
Sometimes, it felt smashed into a million little pieces. 
Each time, God healed me. 
In each hurt, betrayal, and loss
In every broken vow
During each restoration
I’m reminded of the lesson I learned from my family. 
The lesson I live each day. 
Does it mean hard times won’t come? No.
Does it mean you’ll have a picture perfect tomorrow? No.
Does it mean you’ll be able to forgive AND stay 
when someone continues to break your heart? No.
Does it mean you’ll never break a heart? No
What does it mean?
It means no matter what happens in your life, 
His love for you will never fail. 
His love doesn’t make us, or this life we live, perfect. 
His love is perfect, because He is love. 

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