Having a relationship with God literally saved my life. 
Not just once, but several times. 
Accepting and committing to learn
how to love Him in return kept me from 
the reckless life I lived.
Religion tells us a list of rules.
Men and women I trusted
shackled me with an oppressive theology.
Do this. 
Don’t do this. 
God hates this.
God only approves that.
When the stress and my unfortunate choice to
eat my way through the stress handed me 
stroke level blood pressure. 
Me and God started having some serious talks. 
Turning to Him after trying to follow 
all of the “rules and regulations” 
people in church told me would preserve
my marriage saved my life in 2010.

As I prayed more, fasted, spent more time reading my bible
and listening for the Holy Spirit to lead me into truth, 
my relationship with God began to show me
where religion almost killed me.
The only absolute is God’s love for me.
I have choices.
All of the black and white began to 
come alive again in my gray matter.
God showed me where in His word
staying in my marriage was my CHOICE,
not an obligation.
The original words used in Hebrew 
that means “choose” appears in the bible 
more than 246 times. 
Some people believe no matter
what your spouse chooses to do
you’re tethered to them for life. 
Well, while reading my bible, 
the Holy Spirit revealed choice to me. 
And reminded me at the end of the day
the only one I will answer to is Him.
I’ve made my choice about the next steps 
in my life. 
After much prayer and consideration, I choose to be free.
I thank God for the price He paid
for me to be free. 
That is not a religion.
That is a relationship.
And on this Monday, I’m thankful He died to 
have one with me. 

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