The way this woman describes how she is ABANDONED by her friends is why I’ve always cringed when I heard spiritual leaders tell you to walk away from someone because they don’t “serve your calling” or “respond to your desires” or some other shallow, surface, quasi- positive mumbo jumbo. 
Life is HARD, and many times it comes fast, but even when the hardships unfold slow. 
Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses aren’t all gonna be “fixed” on the altar.
NEWSFLASH: Most folks on the altar don’t need deliverance. Jesus didn’t cast demons out of EVERYONE in the Bible. They may need psychological counseling or chemical balancing with medications monitored by a licensed professional. 
Last I read in my Bible, some people God placed in my life are there for me to serve. And they can’t give me a thing in return for my love, bent ear, 3AM prayers or warm hugs with no words because I can feel their pain when I walk by them or hear their voice on the phone. I’m way past being a member of somebodies club, I mean church, for God to use me… I stay ready to be the arms, feet, and hands of Christ. Sometimes the shoulder to cry on and ALWAYS an intercessor even if the only thing I pray is LORD, send them help I don’t have the resources yet for you to use me to meet their needs. I cry (yes sometimes literal tears) when I see homeless people, my heartaches when I read about missing children, and GANGSTA as I am… my heart bleeds when my introverted, empathic self feels someone else’s pain… even when I stop talking to people, I don’t throw ANYONE away. No matter how crappy they treat me, I fight through all my feelings to forgive and make sure I ask God to forgive me for anyway I may have hurt them. The more pain a person inflicts on you, the more they carry. They give it away because that is what they have the most of inside of them. There are people who I haven’t spoken to in YEARS who can call me tomorrow, and I’ll have nothing but love and kind words for them. The people who we’re told to be quick to walk away from are normally those who need love, support and friendship the most. Not at the expense of caring for ourselves of course, but if we’re happy, whole and Christ has placed someone in our lives… who are we to walk away when a rough patch comes for that person… I’ve found in those moments that is when God wants me to be there for them the most, without accepting abusive behavior, without trying to fix them… but to be his hands and share his heart as a conduit of his love.