A few people close to me know I love a few things when it comes to “feeling pretty” none of which is clothing. Yes I enjoy donning a new clearance rack priced elite boutique look outfit as much as most women, yet most days you’ll find me looking far from stellar because well sales like I just described are few and far between for sizes 20+. So how do I keep myself fly. By smelling pretty and scavenging the clearance shoe racks for hot and trendy yet classic enough to last past one season kicks. I enjoy the few pamper me moments. I honestly haven’t had a shoe moment in months and last time I smelled pretty was from my 10 year college reunion.

Since the economic shifting I have found new ways to feel fly. Instead of looking to external things only I enjoy dressing my insides as well as my exterior. Some days I leave the house thinking…go ahead Shawneda you look fly today. Others I’m thankful to have the basics and walking in the full knowledge that my season to reap is so close I can touch it. So find out what makes you feel fly. Then ask God the path to arriving at that place and for ways to help you feel as fly on the outside as he has made you as a new creature on the inside. As important as the physical and eating changes is the importance of seeing yourself as who you are …healthy and FLY!