True sacrifice is a part of a life in Christ. The commitment to be a disciple, friend, joint heir in Christ or follower will mean you must give something up. A long time ago for me that used to be time, money, gifts, talents and other things as my work schedule said I could spare it. Even then an older sister in Christ confirmed what I’d ran from all my life. My call to full time ministry.

The mega church stardom or churchlebrity status many clamor after, pray, fast, lie, borrow, beg and still to claim has never been what motivated me in my Christ life. A childhood devoid of the basic emotional necessities set me on a collision course with a desire to experience and know authentic LOVE. To share the emotion that at times seemed to almost beat out of my chest.

Even after being abused, hurt and betrayed by others and myself, it hurt more than it helped for me not to love. For this I’ve oft times been called naive. Nothing can be farther from the truth, I’ve stared into the eyes of evil more times than I’d like to remember, I just choose not to remember it because when I closed my eyes I could see into the truth of God’s love. Deep down in the depth of my soul even in my worst days. God’s love resided in me and now He is requiring of me the one thing I always said I would do.

It’s time to let it OUT. Obedience to the word of God has become a novel belief to some church goers and believers. Many hinge it’s truth in big cars, fancy clothes, expensive diamonds and the trappings of the Western civilization and the American Dream. My measure of obedience to GOD hinges on one thing. Have I lived this day out of the abundance of HIS endless love.

Yes, I lost a house, a few cars, some things. Our once six figure salary is a mere shadow of itself. But when one of the few people touched in prayer, through a book or blog post take the time to reach back and let me know they received something from God through me. I believe I’ve lost nothing because I shared my part in GOD’s endless love.

Living for God has cost me everything, but I’ve lost nothing. HIS love, HIS presence, HIS JOY is my strength, life in HIM is priceless.