2013 was a hard year for me and my family. 
Restarting school because all but 9 of my credits expired..
I didn’t even know they did that…anyway
Yep… the super Jesus loving, intercessor’s marriage died.
Mourning the loss of my “happily ever after”
Starting over from behind scratch
Let’s not talk about how I didn’t talk about dating.
Yeah for me the relation–“ship”
Sailed, came under enemy fire and I sank it… for ever…in 2013
Before it happened in 2012 I knew change was coming. 
My hope died for a reconciliation and resurrection of my marriage.
So I accepted the fate of my failed union in 2013. 
Again, not the change I planned or wanted but 
the BEST change for my daughter and me

For those who don’t believe in divorce
Feel free to comment but know
All my comments are moderated and I’ll never publish it. 
My life and my daughter’s are in God’s hands
He and I have a relationship…. you can KEEP your religion. 
The last quarter of 2013 I looked at my bestie again
I told her everything is about to change again
in a good way.
God is never slack in His promise
2014 has been better
Things have changed for the better
My heart reopened
Healing, restoration, wholeness
Freedom, Embraced my humanity
God has restored me to my whole self
Pieces of myself I believed lost in the war on my marriage
God gave them all back and made me better
Parts broken grew back stronger
My goals for what to be when I grew up
Corporate phenom
God helped me become so much more
Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, Intercessor
Customer Service Expert, Admin, 
Author, Entrepreneur
Marketing Professional
Over the next 29 days I’ll be finishing 
the Wholeness series
Because I am a writer
No… I am an author. 
For this and all of who 
I’m becoming as I grow,
to God I am thankful. 

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