While others are relaxing in or outside and enjoying the holiday delights of this the last cookout of the summer, I hope I’ll be somewhere writing. The publishing and writing schedule I’ve created for myself keeps me in a constant state of labor. If I’m not working on a character dossier, I’m researching medical references. If the basic research is done I may be found reading a craft book to learn something new and better my writing skills. Unless I’m working on a devotional which means I’m neck deep into the word and praying about the message continuously.
Once the character’s are named, and dossier’s complete you may find me somewhere praying for the readers and the message God wants to send through the book. No matter what stage in the process I find myself I find it all a labor of love. So while you’re relaxing this Labor Holiday I hope I’ll be somewhere with my face to the screen putting in time on my work in progress. Living the dream with each letter I type, laboring in love.