Dear Readers,

Some of you may have seen a buzz around the internet regarding the new ability for “indie authors” like myself to offer their books through the Prime lending library at for the Kindle. I want to let you know the decision I’ve come to in regards to this matter. At this time, I will not be making any of my previous titles nor any other book listed on this site with a cover already created an exclusive Amazon title. Not because I’m offended by the contract or anti, it is a matter of ethics for me. The books with covers presented on this site were not listed as exclusive to when the covers were released so I will not go back and make them exclusive now.

Actually to the contrary as I prepare to reenter a writing schedule the likes of which I never imagined or seen in first quarter 2012 my focus and goal is to make sure all the ebooks I have are available via all channels including direct from me on this site and through the frustrating but author friendly Having several friends with iPads who have stated they prefer to order their ebooks via the iBookstore I believe  making it possible for as many readers to have access to my books is the best thing to do.

Does this mean I will never use the KDP Select program? No.(In my opinion KDP Select is more of a marketing program than anything else, which means a strategy and plan must be derived before I’m able to utilize it. That is behind the scenes no need to bother readers with type stuff.)  It means I will continue to make my writing and book availability decisions with one person  in mind more than anyone else (after God, of course) and that is still you, the reader.

Embracing Myself Now is coming soon. If you haven’t already grab a copy of Love Is...and My True Essence to meet the characters and see what happened since the beginning.

Keep reading,