Alright I’m piecing together this journey and the lifestyle changes I’ve implemented so far. First and foremost my eating has changed. I’m eating more fruit, drinking more water and cooking at home every night as much as possible. One of my favorite new “weapons” is the new natural sweetener Sun Crystals.

Sun Crystals Sun Crystals All Natural Sweetener 100 ea

This sweetener is really good because my hubby has embraced it and he has not liked any other sweetener I’ve ever suggested before in the six years we’ve been married so this is huge. I’m absolutely loving the awesome taste and lack of an aftertaste. I can make healthy versions of my favorite coffees house concoctions and tea house treats without feeling guilty and bloated. Check out the ABC’s to End Emotional Eating blog. I’ll be chronicling the eating and working out here but I’ll be talking about the journey to ending the habit of emotional eating there.
The book is forthcoming stay tuned to hear about how you can receive one for free or next to nothing. (You know I’m all about the hookup for my peeps)! Well it’s late and the bed is calling me but the coffee is not letting me pick up the line. So I’m gonna post the workout schedule to lose this weight the way I’ve done it best in the past, with at home DVD’s. I’m gonna be comparing SparkPeople vs LiveStrong for mobile apps to use for free. I paid for the LiveStrong $2.99 version for my blackberry and it was totally worth it. I’m not an affiliate of LiveStrong. It is a nonprofit company, I really love them. I’ll be posting  links to some of their great articles here. On the flip side I hear great things about Sparkpeople and want to share with others if they can be useful for those who don’t like the LiveStrong platform.

I have over 100 lbs to lose to be my ideal healthy weight. Let’s not act shy and coy. Jump right in and get started, I’m glad to have you for however long you’re here for your leg of the journey. What are some of your lifestyle changes? Please comment below.