Years ago I was a salad eating beast. I ate so much salad I hated lettuce of any kind for years. I’m glad to report I’ve found a more balanced place and can report having an affinity for certain types of salad for quick preparation and a benefit packed meal. One of the things I began to find most unappealing was eating nothing but lettuce. So when I discovered the mix bags I jumped for joy (virtually but a joy jump all the same.) Instead of spending money on four different ingredients I can buy a mixed bag and switch the 3 0z of meat or add steamed mixed veggies and the dressing measured to serving of my taste. Now I eat salad as a meal 3-4 times a week and don’t get tired of it because I have enough variety in one bag to be afford to mix it up. And their washed and ready to eat. Gotta love it!

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