So how in the world is YouTube a tool for empowerment? Two words: Success Stories. As I have said before I have had three different times since I turned twenty seven that I have lost more than thirty pounds each time. The unfortunate truth is each time I gained back all I lost plus ten to fifteen more pounds. As I sit here now already acclimated to my walking DVD’s for cardio I’m staying dedicated by watching other success stories. These other beachbody coaches have found success and I’m joining them soon. Some have lost twenty a few have lost more than fifty. I have others I’ll share by link as well. Seeing others who have struggled with part of your journey and made progress is empowering. Using the ABC’s to End of Emotional Eating is helping me and I’m super excited that I haven’t had a binge in months. I take my eating one day at a time and after July 4th holiday will begin implementing two workouts a day to combat the buttspreaditis that can be the by product of a sedentary career.

A Couple That Lost Over Twenty Pounds with Body Gospel

This Beautiful Lady Lost More Than 30 Pounds with Body Gospel

This Young Man Lost More than 50 Pounds with Body Gospel

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Yes I’m an independent Beach Body coach but I was a customer before they started the coach program. I’m adding a free alternative workout page work out schedule for those who can’t afford to buy the Body Gospel  and other Beach Body workouts. My utmost priority is empowering you to get fit.