Measuring Glass

Doggone shame you thought I was talking about something else. Look at you…smh. LOL. Seriously. I do use shot glasses like the one pictured above when I make my skinnycino (that’s right a cup of fancy joe with less than 100 calories!). I’m putting together options to make it into a frozen treat when I introduce shakeology into my weight loss regimen. Two of the ways I implement it now is when I use salad dressing, the just pour method accounts for hundreds of extra calories. If you don’t wanna pay for this on Amazon, they should also have them at your local Bed, Bath and Beyond. I used to see them at Linen’s N Things but well, like my hubby and I they were greatly affected by the housing restructuring 🙂

If you haven’t ordered your Body Gospel set to start with me when we go one day at a time there is still time. If you can’t afford to purchase the workouts alongside me, that’s cool. My primary focus is to empower you to live a healthier lifestyle but if you’re competitive (like most people I know) you’re going to get left behind because the science behind the BeachBody programs works and I’m gonna add slim to the fine and divine used to describe me (hey, I gotta love me or no one else will ;). Anyway get a measuring shot glass they are more convenient and easier to clean than those little cups and spoon sets, we have those too, but I love my shot glass. See I’m not a lush I love my mini measuring cup. Join Team Beach Body for free and work out with me. I mean it’s FREE!!!