You all know I love me some technology by now. I truly believe God can use each and every witty invention to bless His people and glorify Him in the process. Here are the top 5 free or very affordable online tools I use everyday to assist me with my weight loss journey.

WOWY (Work Out With You) on TeamBeachBody : This website allows me to Work out with my “buddies” online and each day I log my workouts which enters into the daily contest where I can win anywhere from $300 to $1000 in cash or prizes for doing an online workout. Sign up for $3 a week or for free here Click join our club and you’re in.

LiveStrong MyPlate: This food tracker has literally the largest food database online bigger than WW and bigger than Sparkpeople. I know because I have a very unique eating regimen and they have yet not to have what I entered or something with the same calorie count. There is a free option on LiveStrong, or a 6 month or 12 month gold upgrade available as well. 

Sparkpeople = Instead of tracking my fitness under LiveStrong and adding the calories I burn back into my daily calorie eating budget I use SparkPeople and keep up on my calories burned there. This program is without a charge.

I also use a more up to date Body Weight Calculator that takes more into consideration than the out dated chart many sites use.

For those who need to add drinking water to your workout regimen and don’t have a Blackberry, Droid or Iphone you can schedule email reminders on Yahoo and Google Calendars. I have found the Yahoo calendar to be more reliable for this to work. So, what should you do now? Join me on TeamBeachbody which is free and pick  workout and calorie tracker that works best with you and your weight loss and fitness goals. Be empowered and be healthier 30 days from now by taking it one day at a time.

Here is a recap my five online tools to help me with my 30 day at a time journey are :
TeamBeach Body WOWY (being able to win for doing something I need to do, makes it soo sweet!)
SparkPeople There is a food and exercise tracker. I only use the fitness tracker.
Yahoo or Google Calendar
Body Weight Calculator