Arm and Hammer Pure Baking Soda 16oz

I know, Baking Soda,  weird as a work out resource but let me tell you why I love it! Baking Soda. It removes the odors from my tennis shoes, my bras and other work out clothes. It works well, it is natural and VERY affordable. If you hadn’t noticed yet one of the things about my posts is making this lifestyle change affordable. Question the affordability of my healthy lifestyle change and I guarantee I can show you how anyone can do this. You might not be able to do the full work out programs scheduled the same way I will with BeachBody or the Shakeology program when I go on it monthly, but I will give you alternatives. 30 Days with me means learning how to live healthy in an affordable way one month at a time. I still haven’t purchased Body Gospel because I live by budget and once I save up my money to purchase it, I’ll be on my way. Want some ways to save up towards buying your copy with me? I’ll do a special post and set a date for us to start our BeachBody journey.

Here’s a great resource article to dispel 5 Weight Loss Myths.