I love this LiveStrong tracker it does what my WW tracker used to do but dare I say a little better. I use it as an actual app on my BlackBerry and love the features. I’m a gold member which means I paid $30 to access the extras but it was totally worth it. $30 for 6 months vs $40 a month for me was a no brainer. I love the layout and all of the content I find there to help with my lifestyle change. Check em out. You’ll be glad you did.

 For those who are wondering about my intentions with this blog read below!

Yes, this blog is part of my journey with BeachBody and I’m going to give testimonials about my results with those products. Yes. I’m an independent BeachBody Coach. NO. I’m not going to lie to you about those results or not share information about other resources available online and otherwise to help you be fit. Above anything else I want to raise awareness about living a healthy life. Above all else I want to give you access to all the tools I know about to help you become physically fit for a reasonable and affordable amount of money. Would I love for you to purchase the DVDs and other products I use and will be using? Of course. But even if you don’t more than anything I want you to lose weight, be more active, live healthy.