MABIS Tape Measure, Blue

I measure my body overall at the end of this week. Instead of relying solely on just my numerical weight I measure my arms, thighs, hips and waist because I know that I need to be to able to get the full effect of my lifestyle change. Muscle weighs more than fat and when I see my scale slow down or stall seeing the inches continue to reduce reminds me I’m building fat burning muscle. After a few days without any further change on the scale I know I have to change something else. My measuring tape gives me power to keep going when the numbers stall or stop. I love that!!! For somewhere to track your progress and measurements for free click on this link and join our our club TeamBeachBody for free so I can WOWY (Work Out With You) and we can follow each other’s progress. There will be contests and announcements on my message board exclusive to the BeachBody platform. It’s a great tool. Hope to see you there!