My daddy said that nothing beats a failure except for a try. That doesn’t make changing your lifestyle less tough. Instead of backing down and not exercising because I can’t afford to eat all of the expensive diet foods I’ve enjoyed in the past I push forward and press play everyday knowing that it may take a little longer to lose the weight without being able to afford the healthy foods most weight loss plans call for, but I’m not giving up. It is not impossible to lose weight while living budget minded. I press play because it is necessary for me to change the shape of my body. Five inches gone from my waist prove that while the pounds aren’t melting away the fat is…so weight loss on a budget is not impossible it’s just tough. You know the old saying when the going gets tough the tough get going. So I’m doing that. I’m going to continue to live a healthier lifestyle and try not to stop dreaming. I know it’s not impossible its just tough.