I was too excited when I was able to fit into my size 18 skirt. I can’t get into all of my eighteens but the skirts are good. I did not workout on Saturday it was a rest day and I enjoyed it. I was a signing author at the White Linen Affair with several other amazing authors including Judge Penny Brown Reynolds and Victoria Rowell. I admire both of these ladies for the different but pertinent reasons.
Judge Penny wrote a devotional 7 Steps to Peace of Mind and was sweet and shared some of the awesome things God is doing to place her before many and uplift his name. Touch and agree with me that she is given GREAT FAVOR.

Victoria Rowell wrote several books I purchased The Women Who Raised Me: A Memoir she also wrote Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva: A Novel
We are both shining examples of how to rise above the statistics and live on purpose. I hope you check both of these ladies books out. Thank God for Body Gospel helping me fit into my skirt…5 inches down and more to follow!