Don’t get discouraged or lose hope when the muscle soreness or the truth of how much time it may take to lose the weight dawns on you. With more than seventy five pounds left to lose and so many inches to get back to me I don’t wanna think about it, I have decided I must make it happen. No diet pills–vitamins and supplements yes—DIET PILLS NO!!! Will sprinkling powder on my food or starving myself make it happen no. My workout DVD’s don’t even make it happen. You want to know who is responsible for the weight loss I’ve experienced so far? I AM. The same person responsible for the weight I gained.

Don’t focus on the negative aspects of the life. Accept and embrace how important it is for you to DECIDE to COMMIT to the goal you have in order to SUCCEED. In every area of your life things won’t change until things change. Nothing will change if you don’t make it happen.

Be empowered today to keep pressing play, working out and living a life that makes God smile.