Emotional eating while going through bankruptcy and giving our home back then staying with friends fueled my 40 pound weight gain one year after having my daughter. While I breastfed her my binging wasn’t a problem but once breastfeeding stopped I blew up and gained 40 lbs in under three months. Acknowledging I was five pounds under my delivery pregnancy weight really put things in perspective for me. I prayed and asked God to help me use the tools He gave me to end my unhealthy relationship with food. Next I found the exercise and eating regimen I  knew would help me to take the first 40 pounds off. Working out and being transparent about my emotional eating and the changes I’m going through has been such a wonderful experience I could not wait to share what happened today. The one pair of “Shawneda, you know you’re too big girl, jeans” were so tight the button popped off at the end of May. Today I purchased the Perfect Fit Button Deluxe (Set of 8)

Because my girl you know you’re too big pants are not too big and I was not taking them back to the cleaners to replace the button they put on that fell off again. For someone on a weight loss journey this discovery is huge. I have clothes in my closet from size 20 to 16 and I refuse to purchase any new clothes until I’m in a new size under 16. These buttons will help me recycle my smaller sizes and reserve funds for the shopping that is sure to come once I’m much smaller.